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Ellie Reyna

General Manager

Ellie is a proud native Houstonian! She has been passionate about the eye care industry since her first job in 1999; as an Optometrist Assistant / Optician. Working alongside with the Optometrist she established strong relationships with patients and grew a compassion for those whom lost their vision due to systematic health issues. Ellie says, “The eyes carry the most expression on a human body and are a direct connection to the brain that processes the world around us; eyes are everything.” Her passion for fashion made her to be known as the Fashionista of Eyewear! Her mantra of “life is too short for ugly eyewear!” drives her mission to assist patients in finding the perfect eyewear that best suits their life style and needs while complementing their features.

Ellie’s proudest accomplishments are her 2 children while working diligently to help the office staff succeed. She truly believes in exhibiting love and positivity to inspire others. She takes interest in The Wellness Division of Body Building and learning about the science on how the human body responds to certain foods. She said her dream to prep for competition will be worth the 30 second walk on stage. She enjoys spending her day on Sundays attending church and cooking with family and friends. Her favorite quote from Luke 12:48. "Everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, even more will be expected."

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